Dog Park Off-Leash Rules

Hours of Operation: Sunrise to Sunset

1. Report all dog bites to Frisco Animal Control or Police Department prior to leaving park area.
2. Accompany dogs at all times and shall have no more than two (2) dogs in the off-leash area at a time.
3. Do not bring any animal other than a canine into the facility.
4. Remain in the area at all times and keep dogs in sight and under your control.
5. Be responsible for the behavior of your dogs, you shall be responsible for any injuries or damage caused by your canine.
6. Any dog showing aggression toward people or other dogs must be immediately leashed and removed from the off-leash area.
7. A 35lb weight limit shall be the cut-off between large and small dogs, any dog less than 35lbs shall remain in the small dog area at all times, any canine larger than 35lbs shall remain in the large dog area.
8. Do not allow dogs with a known history of aggressive or dangerous behavior in the facility.
9. Remove any dog barking continuously from the dog park facility.
10. Carry a leash at all times, dogs must be leashed and under physical control when entering and leaving the dog park facility.
11. Be responsible for securely latching any gates as they enter or exit.
12. Pick up and dispose of dog feces PROPERLY.
13. Any dogs not currently vaccinated against rabies SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER FACILITY. Furthermore, all dogs shall be up to date on all vaccines and must wear their tags at all times.
14. If requested by Frisco Animal Control, owners must provide current vaccination and license information to proper entities.
15. Do not allow dogs to DIG. Any holes created by a dog shall be immediately filled by the dog’s owner.
16. Any children under the age of 18 shall be accompanied by a responsible adult, which will be accountable for the behavior and well being of the child. Children should be discouraged from approaching or playing with strange dogs.
17. Puppies under four months of age shall not use the facility.
18. Female dog’s in heat or in season shall not use the off-leash area at any time.
19. Do not eat or smoke inside the off-leash area.
20. No dog food treats or toys from home are allowed. However, tennis balls or Frisbees are allowed in the facility.
21. Do not conduct a dog training class or any kind inside the facility, unless a proper permit has been obtained.
22. Dog grooming inside the off-leash area is not permitted.
23. Please refrain from entering the facility with bare feet.
24. Spiked dog collars are not permitted on canines in the facility.
25. Do not bring glass or metal containers in the dog park facility.
26. Absolutely NO large dogs in the small dog area and/or small dogs in the large dog area.
27. Once inside of the fenced in area, dogs are NOT permitted to remain on a leash.
28. Owners are to stay within the dog park and in constant view of their animal at all times.
29. No bicycles.
30. No screaming, running or loud abrasive noises.
31. NO FOOD (dog or human) ALLOWED AT ANY TIME!

*People who violate these rules are subject to removal from the facility and may be prohibit from future use.
*The off-leash area shall be used at the persons own risk. Persons utilizing the facility are liable for any injury or damage caused by yourself or your canine.

Please call the Dog Park Hotline (972) 292-6506 for up-to-date closure information.

Frisco Animal Control – (972)292-5303

Frisco Police Department (972)292-6010