Summary of the 2015 year-end survey (part 2)

The top events requested from the survey: vendor fair and dog-friendly restaurant outing.

As for the vendor fair, we started working with the City of Frisco to have an event in September.  Not confirmed yet, but our application has been submitted.  We will be looking to have the usual suspects of vendors such as vets, adoptions, animal control, groomers, dog-walker, pet-sitters, boarders, etc.  We are also trying to get some dog demos (e.g. Frisbee show) and food trucks (fingers crossed).    Of course the normal shenanigans of face painting, music, and dog contests (e.g. loudest barker, owner that looks most like their dog, etc) will be there.  As for the location, we have suggested BF Phillips Community Park as they have restrooms, plenty of parking, and it is just a few hundred yards from the Ruff Range.

Concerning the dog-friendly restaurant outing, we have two events working.  The first is a happy hour on Thursday April 7 starting at 5:30pm at Tower Taphouse in Little Elm.  Dogs (leashed) are welcome out back behind the restaurant.  This is a beer and bar food type of place, and it is across the wakeboard pond from the Hula Hut.   The second outing is Top Golf in The Colony.  Yes, they take dogs!  They also have an area for the dogs “to go”.  Water dishes for canines too.  We have not set a date for this, but probably in May and on Saturday from 9am to noon (less expensive and less crowded).  This Top Golf event is a wildcard in understanding if people want to do this type of thing.  BTW, you need almost zero golf experience to participate and have fun.  Would you do this outing?  Take this poll if we get enough interest…we will make it happen.

Finally, dog-birthday events at the park.  A few have requested to have a dog birthday party.  If you want to have a dog party, please let us know and put up a sign that says you sure would appreciate using the tables/pavilion area at the specific time you want.  Pretty sure we have good humans that will respect your festive activities.  Also, we will post something on FB to wish your dog happy birthday and let others know that pavilion is being used during a specific time.  BTW, other dogs will still be allowed in the park, and possibly even crash your party!

Next week discussion: requested improvements