Summary of the 2015 year-end survey (part 1)

Summary of the 2015 year-end survey.  First, thanks for everyone who responded.  We read all the comments. The top three items to improve for the Ruff Range: parking, poop and grass.

Poop – People want a cleaner park.  One of the actions we took was to donate a pooper-scooper  for each area.  You probably have seen them by the pavilions.  I even heard someone say they may even pick up an extra poop now that there was a poop-scooper available.  We will add two more pooper-scoopers in March.  Additionally, the Frisco Young Men’s Service League has agreed to come out for an hour on the weekend to pick up poop.  This will be 1-2 teenage boys earning service hours.  If you see them, please thank them for helping out.

Parking –  On nice days, parking can be tough. Overflow parking takes place on the grass and across 4th Army which are not ideal.  Victim of our own success type thing.  Frisco Parks & Rec department is familiar with the parking problem.  They are trying to figure out a solution while also juggling the phase two piece of the dog park as well.  So not a solid answer yet with the two variables of 4th Army and phase, but definitely a top of the list item for the city.

Grass – This is especially a problem on the large dog park side.  Again, victim of our own success.  So many people use the park.  We don’t give the grass a break to grow.  This problem will get resolved when phase two of the dog park is completed.  This will allow the original big dog area to close (and therefore let the grass grow).  There is not a set date for completion of phase two, but Fall 2016 is a reasonable estimate.  4th Army will get completed first before phase 2 of the park starts.

Next week more items from the survey will be discussed.

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